Bouncer Big Daddy Amigurumi

This weekend I found a super awesome amigurumi pattern for the Bouncer Big Daddy from the Bioshock video game series at Nerdigurumi.  Bioshock is one my  all time favorite games, and the Big Daddies are phenomenal characters.

Bouncer Big Daddy


The pattern is FREE (can you believe it?) and you can find it here.   I pretty much followed the pattern as it is written, except that I crocheted a chain around jewelry wire to make the carapass piping around his head and shoulders.

Big Daddy

The pattern designer’s Big Daddy can stand on his own.  Mine can’t, but I think I sewed on his belt too low and placed the legs too close together… but I don’t care, I still think he’s awesome!

Bouncer BD

The pattern uses basic ami stitches –sc, inc and dec–and over all it wasn’t too difficult to crochet.  He does have a lot of parts that need assembling, so I definitely wouldn’t recommend this as a first project for someone who has never done amigurumi before.

A super big THANK YOU to MJ Bailey at Nerdigurumi for publishing this awesome pattern for free.  My whole family is begging for Mr. Bubbles, but I think he’s going to live on my desk.

So go on and check out the Bouncer Big Daddy pattern here, and while you are there, check out some of the other awesome amigurumis–there are a ton!


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