Kittens in a Row Afghan – Free Crochet Pattern



I’ve been on a crocheting streak here lately–I’ve made four afghans in recent months (working on the posts now), and the latest is the Kittens in a Row afghan I made for my daughter, Sophie.


Sophie is a cat lover, like her mom.  If you don’t believe me, ask any of our four cats:


I looked around for a few weeks to find a pattern that I knew Sophie would love, and as soon as I saw the Kittens in a Row afghan pattern at Bev’s Country Cottage, I knew this was the one.  The afghan is absolutely adorable!  The stitches of each row form the upper body and paws of abstract kitties, popping up from the row of kittens below.


kittens in a row close up


Two or more colors of yarn are used to make the pattern visible.  Because Sophie likes super colorful things, I used twelve different colors of yarn that I had left over from other projects.

All the yarns used in my afghan are the Red Heart Super Saver brand.   The colors are, from the bottom, Real Teal (teal), Tea Leaf (green), Dark Orchid (purple), Lemon (yellow), Carrot (orange), Aran (white), Perfect Pink, Turqua (blue), Cafe Latte (brown), Lavender (light purple) and Hot Red.  I added Black in a later row to fill in for another color I ran out of.


kittens in a row colors


Since I used leftover yarn, it’s difficult to estimate how many skeins I used to make Kittens in a Row—-but if I had to guess, I would say 6-7 regular size skeins.  I also used a J hook instead of the H hook indicated in the pattern to get larger stitches.  The pattern give more details about amounts of yarn and sizing, and gives instructions for making the afghan in a preemie, child or adult size.

You can get the free pattern with detailed directions here at Bev’s Country Cottage.


kittens in a row2


2 thoughts on “Kittens in a Row Afghan – Free Crochet Pattern

  1. I am so excited to find this pattern again – made an afghan 30 some yrs ago & misplaced the pattern! It weighs a ton when u wash it, but is soooo cute! Thx

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